Wellington Ministerial Alliance


As you know, there are people in our community who have trouble from time to time making ends meet. Sometimes, just a little monetary assistance to them at the right time can make the difference between having lights and heat on or off.

The Wellington Ministerial Alliance is a service organization made up of pastors and churches in Wellington and surrounding communities. Our mission is to show Christ’s love and care for the poor and needy by providing emergency monetary assistance to those truly in urgent need.

We ask you prayerfully to consider donating to the Wellington Ministerial Alliance. You may send a check made out to Wellington Ministerial Alliance to the address below:

Wellington Ministerial Alliance
P.O. Box 401
Wellington, KS 67152
If you want to give electronically with either a one-time or monthly donation, you can do so below or click on this link. 


Thank you, and may the Lord bless your giving.